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Frankenstein maquettes

Rankin-Bass flavored

The following is a series of quick character/silhouette studies for a project that’s been kicking around in my stitched up noggin. Stylistically, this first one is a Rankin-Bass meets old-school Disney influence. Large round shapes contained in an innocent, child-like frame. Although I worked at Disney, this personal project has nothing to do with the Walt Disney Company or its affiliates.

16 hour quick sketch in supersculpey
Approx. 10″ tall

Rock-a-billy theme

This version has a bit of a rock-a-billy flair. My influence, the “Groovy Ghoulies” and the coolness of Johnny Cash. This is a 4 hour sketch with emphasis totally on the silhouette. The face is a little too grim for my current needs. Fun though.

4 hour quick sketch in supersculpey
Approx. 6″ tall

Rocka-billy Frankenstein quick sketch

Robh Ruppel designed

Based on a Robh Ruppel design, these forms accentuate the chiseled, brutish look.

8 hour quick sketch in supersculpey
Approx. 8″ tall

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Dan Platt on August 21st 2008 in Frankenstein Maquettes, Maquettes

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