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tiki time


I’m helping out Brian Kesinger on his animated short called Tiki-Time. Below is an 16″ tall maquette of the antagonist “Pele” – a volcano that awakens in not the best of moods. Next up is a digital, animated version.

And yes, the leaf base was done entirely by hand – no tricks, plenty of caffeine.


…a detailed shot.

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Dan Platt on August 21st 2008 in Maquettes, Tiki Time

Frankenstein maquettes

Rankin-Bass flavored

The following is a series of quick character/silhouette studies for a project that’s been kicking around in my stitched up noggin. Stylistically, this first one is a Rankin-Bass meets old-school Disney influence. Large round shapes contained in an innocent, child-like frame. Although I worked at Disney, this personal project has nothing to do with the Walt Disney Company or its affiliates.

16 hour quick sketch in supersculpey
Approx. 10″ tall

Rock-a-billy theme

This version has a bit of a rock-a-billy flair. My influence, the “Groovy Ghoulies” and the coolness of Johnny Cash. This is a 4 hour sketch with emphasis totally on the silhouette. The face is a little too grim for my current needs. Fun though.

4 hour quick sketch in supersculpey
Approx. 6″ tall

Rocka-billy Frankenstein quick sketch

Robh Ruppel designed

Based on a Robh Ruppel design, these forms accentuate the chiseled, brutish look.

8 hour quick sketch in supersculpey
Approx. 8″ tall

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Dan Platt on August 21st 2008 in Frankenstein Maquettes, Maquettes

Jersey Devil Maquette

The Jersey Devil

For anyone growing up in New Jersey, it would be impossible NOT to know about this legendary creature. And living on the edge of the dense Pine Barrens where “it” supposedly lived… made taking the garbage out at night an interesting experience. Not like it had any impact on me…

Sculpted in Supersculpey – on and off for about 10 days in 1987

12″ tall

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Dan Platt on April 26th 2008 in Jersey Devil, Maquettes

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